A few things we’re great at

WordPress Only Hosting

WordPress is so versatile it can be used for blogs, websites, and other content rich uses. With thousands of plugins anything is possible.

Website Hosting

Ideal for any website.With Softaculous scripts you can install all sorts of apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and Woo-Commerce.

Virtual Private Servers

Linux & Windows virtual servers can be used to run game servers, voice/chat servers, and used for many projects. Also provides full root access.

Dedicated Servers

Have full control over everything with a dedicated server. Full root access and nothing is ever shared. Linux OS builds provide security and reliability.

Our Thoughts

Virtualization has been around for years now.

It’s time that the world caught up on the future. Did you know that 1 high-end server can run hundreds if not thousands of the same server image. This creates a smaller footprint for the services hosted and reduces power consumption as well.

Security in question?

What’s your password? Many people use weak or very common passwords. If your password is joe1975 for anything please change it now. Anyone that knows you can probably figure it out. If not a brute force hacking app can figure it out pretty fast.